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Importance of Counseling For Overcoming Trauma

Overcoming Trauma

A traumatic experience leaves a lasting imprint on our minds. It is extremely difficult to forget the pain and hurt associated with such an event. Over time, these feelings can manifest in severe psychological issues. Counseling can play an effective role in healing. It can bring about a positive change and help an individual to lead a normal life.

Many people do not acknowledge their feelings. Even if they continue to suffer, they try to hide their feelings and emotions. But, it is important to understand that healing is a natural process. It is also necessary to reach out to trained therapists. Oklahoma city mental health counseling centers offer services for people suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, phobia, bereavement, etc.

Common Psychological and Emotional Response to Trauma

Traumatic events can be life-shattering. It may leave a person shocked, disoriented and extremely distressed. People exposed to such incidents find it difficult to get a grasp of their emotions. Their reactions are often colored by disoriented thoughts and a fear of the unknown. It is important to understand that these reactions are quite normal.

Individuals who experience a shocking incident find it difficult to sleep, develop feelings of fear, shame, guilt or anxiety. Familiar sounds, smells or sights may bring back memories of the fateful incident. Due to extreme emotional turbulence, a person may remain withdrawn and aloof.

Seeking Professional Help

To overcome the complex emotions associated with trauma, professional help is a necessity. Counseling can be a great way to deal with a difficult situation. Do not hesitate to see a therapist. They assure complete confidentiality. Therefore, even if you are reluctant about sharing your feelings, they will make things easier for you.

Community counseling centers are also great places to seek assistance. You can find trained psychologists, therapists and social workers who can completely empathize with you. They will help you to cope with life and its changed circumstances. With a plan to bring you back to the present, they will assure you of the importance of living life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

People suffering from psychological trauma have largely benefitted from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It stresses the link between our feelings and thoughts. According to CBT, our feelings are triggered by what we think. So, in this method, an individual is encouraged to develop new ways of thinking.

It also teaches an individual to cope with troubled emotions with positivity. It actively helps individuals to confront their fears and successfully overcome them. Sometimes, counseling sessions can also open up opportunities to deal with specific problems.

Somatic Experience to Treat Trauma

This is a unique way to release pent up emotions. The technique focuses on the body’s ability to tap into physical sensations instead of thoughts. It triggers the natural survival instincts of an individual. The person cries, shakes or exhibits other physical reactions during this therapy.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR helps to alter traumatic memories stored in the brain. It incorporates auditory cues, hand taps and eye movements to recall traumatic memories. It helps to bring out repressed memories that cause physiological as well as psychological issues.

With timely assistance and proper treatment, therapy can help to overcome traumatic experiences effectively.

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