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6 Ways to Spot Fake Gold Jewellery

Spot Fake Gold Jewellery

Who doesn’t love gold? Gold jewellery is considered the best option for both casual wear and occasional wear. They are also considered traditional assets. Gold earrings for women have got love from people across generations. As fake gold is on the increase all gold owners should know how to spot fake gold.

1 . Nitric acid test 

One of the best ways to spot fake gold jewellery is through a nitric acid test. Mark a small part on your earrings designs in gold. Pour a few drops of nitric acid into the liquid on this part. If your gold jewellery is pure gold, the nitric acid will not react with the metal and your gold jewellery will remain the same without any difference. But, if your jewellery is fake gold you will immediately spot a green-colored shade in the part where you poured the acid. This method will help you to spot fake gold accessories.

2 . Water floating test

Next is the water floating test. You just need a glass of water to conduct this test. Original or pure gold will immediately sink into the water when dropped. But, fake gold will either float on the water above or will turn its color in sometimes when it gets wet after immersing in the water.

3 . Skin discoloration 

This is one of the popular and common ways to spot fake gold jewellery. We all know wearing pure gold will never discolor our skin. Our skin color will remain the same even after wearing gold jewellery for many years. But, if you wear fake gold jewellery for quite some time your skin color will change or darken. This is something very obvious to spot.

4 . Magnet test 

The magnet test is the best scientific way to spot fake gold. Scientifically speaking, natural gold will not attract magnets as it has non – magnetic properties. If the gold jewellery you are having is attracting a magnet, then you can conclude that it is fake gold. Original gold will not attract Magnet or magnetic surfaces.

5 . Through designs 

Fake gold usually comes with an irregular design and once you break the accessory, in some parts you might notice a different color or irregular design. Original gold usually has a smooth finish and it will be in yellowish golden color. Even if it breaks it will not display any other color except gold.

6 . Visual observation

This is a practical way to spot fake gold jewellery. We all know the color of gold. Original gold can be easily spotted with its shine and pure color, whereas fake gold comes with a cheap color. People who have experience with gold can easily spot fake gold at just a glance.

Follow the above ways to spot fake ornaments or accessories. Make sure you don’t get cheated by sellers when buying gold. Check for all the specifications and properties before you purchase your valuable jewellery. Buy in reputed stores to avoid getting cheap quality gold.

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