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Are you sure you know everything about a breast augmentation surgery


As per statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentations were the most common cosmetic surgeries that were done in the year 2016 and physicians and surgeons are of the opinion that this figure is going to rise in the years to come. Dr. B J Cohen (, a specialized cosmetic surgeon says that girls are nowadays too desperate to let go of their shortcomings and they are taking immediate steps to correct their body parts.

If you too have been wondering about going under the knife for getting a boob job done, are you sure you know everything on it? Here are few things that you should know on breast augmentation surgery.

If you had known that it is once and for all that you have to undergo a surgery for augmenting your breasts, you’re mistaken. It has been seen that 25% of women require another surgery after a decade as the silicone implants don’t last forever. They might start leaking inside with time or a shell of scar could appear around the implant thereby tarnishing the shape of your breasts. Pregnancy, weight loss and change in choice are some other factors that might prompt the patient to undergo another surgery in the next few years.

  • Patients just need to take 5-7 days rest from work to recover

No, that doesn’t mean that you will be feeling totally okay after 5-7 days but you will certainly be in good shape to join your office, provided your job doesn’t demand you to do heavy tasks. Nevertheless, if the implant is positioned behind the muscle, which most women opt for in order to make the breasts look more natural, the recovery time might be a little bit longer.

  • Breasts with silicone implants will feel different when touched

Though it is true that silicone breasts seem to be similar to real breasts but the difference is that they’re made by man and hence you can’t feel the tissue of the breasts. You can easily notice that a woman has got implants when she started off with little breast tissue as compared to a woman who had more tissues to start off with.

  • Boob job harms your ability to breastfeed in future

You must have heard about many women with implants who don’t choose to breastfeed. If there is an incision in the areola, there is very less risk that you could hurt the minor ducts and could possible detach the areola from the main gland thereby barring your ability to breastfeed. However, women with underarm incisions don’t face this issue.

Therefore, now that you know a lot of breast augmentation surgery, make sure you take an informed and weighed decision before taking the plunge. Do the necessary research, join group conversations, get savvy on cosmetic procedures before venturing, like I did Botox Training.

My name is Amber Suffolk. The designer and beautician. I like my work and I also like to share my experience with others.

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