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Why You Should Consider Dip Powder Nails

Dip Powder Nails

Getting acrylic nails from a salon and maintaining them can be quite expensive, and they can be time consuming to get done. Still, many people like acrylic nails because they make them feel pretty, whilst also making them feel more confident.

If you want your nails to look great, but do not want to compromise your health, then dip powder nails could be the alternative you are looking for. Unlike acrylic, the powder does not damage your nails.

Dip Powder Nails

As the name indicates, dip powder nails involve the use of powder. You apply a base coat on your nails to create an adhesive surface for the powder to be applied to. Once this is done, you can then dip your nails in the powder for a few seconds, then take out your nails from the powder once the powder has adhered to the nails. You can then remove excessive powder with a brush. In the final step, you then apply a top coat to seal the powder completely.

Reasons Why Dip Powder Nails are Getting More Popular

Acrylic and gel nails have been used for many years. Many people still like this application method, but since this method damages nails, and makes them more fragile, people have started shifting towards an alternative – dip powder nails.

Here are the main reasons why dip powder nails are gaining a lot of popularity…

Easy Application Process

The application process for dip powder nails is different from the application process for other kinds of nails. It is possible for anyone to apply dip powder nails at home without any problems.

All you have to do is clean your nails thoroughly, then apply a base coat. Dip your nails in the powder, and remove any excess powder once you have removed your nails. Apply the final coat to secure the powder, and you will end up with great looking nails.

Does Not Damage Nails

There is no doubt that acrylic and gel nails look very pretty, but they put your nail’s health at risk. The use of several curing ingredients makes your nails fragile, and they break even when just a small amount of pressure is applied. On the contrary, nothing like this happens with the usage of dip powder nails.

Last Up to One Month

Gel nails break if you do not spend time taking care of them. Dip powder nails can last from three to four weeks, which is a lot longer than gel nails.

No Need to Use UV

Many people feel unsafe while putting their hands under UV light during the gel nail application process. UV is damaging. It can burn your skin, and cause internal damage if a controlled dose is not used. You can opt for a safer alternative with dip powder nails, which doesn’t use UV light, if UV makes you feel uneasy.

Available in Numerous Colours

Dip powder nails come in a variety of different colours. So, if you like trying different shades that match your personality and look, then dip powder nails are the right choice for you.

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