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3 Reasons Why Women Want to Choose an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

With successive generations, it’s become much more the norm for women to make active choices about how they start their married lives. And, as a result, we’ve seen many new couples breaking with long-held traditions.

Ceremonies have become less-traditional, mixed-gender wedding parties are more common, and many women are making the first move by proposing to their spouse instead of the other way around.

And speaking of getting engaged, many women have decided to choose an engagement ring for themselves.

It’s a newer phenomenon, but there is a logic to it. Especially when you consider reasons like these.

  1. No One Wants to Settle for a Ring They’re Not in Love With

One of the most understandable motivators is style. After all, you may love your partner, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll share your sense of good taste.

Suppose that you prefer sterling silver jewelry, but your well-meaning groom-to-be buys a gold ring on the assumption that it’s the preferred material. And that’s just one of a thousand innocent mistakes that could occur.

Picking out the ring yourself ensures that you’ll have a piece that you adore every time you look at it.

  1. Some Couples Have Different Priorities

A major reason why couples are departing from many wedding traditions is the price. With the cost of large ceremonies soaring, it makes sense for many couples to opt for smaller gatherings rather than start their marriage in debt.

And the same holds true for rings. In 2020, the average engagement ring cost around $5,000 — no small amount for many young couples. Hence why many are choosing to opt for more affordable alternatives and instead put those funds toward paying down debts or other major expenses.

  1. The Ring Is a Symbol of Partnership

The dynamics of marriage have changed, along with the place of women in society. Traditionally, marriage had little to do with love and was instead about securing family ties and transferring wealth and property. The wedding band was a symbol of a social contract, not a bond of love.

That perception has changed, as marriage is now a romantic engagement with each person being a full partner. And the engagement ring has become a statement of a couple’s intent to remain together for life. Since women get a choice of whether or not they will accept this partnership, they should also get a choice in the symbol that will represent that decision.

The Time Has Come for Women to Choose an Engagement Ring They Love

As traditional ideas of engagements and weddings evolve, women are getting a greater say in how they start their marriages. And that can only be a good thing. Even if you do opt for a traditional ceremony with all the pageantry, you might be tempted to choose an engagement ring for yourself rather than hope your partner will correctly guess which one will take your breath away.

But of course, a ring is literally just the beginning. For more ideas on how to make sure you have the big day that you want, be sure to keep up with the latest on bridal fashion from Women Blog.

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