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Fake Eyelashes Brought the Red Carpet Look into Everyday Fashion


What do celebrities on the red carpet and the barista at the local coffee shop have in common? Rimmed eyes with thick, dark fringe. Even though some women find it odd that other women (who are not part of the entertainment industry) apply glue strips of lashes to their eyelids or use lash extensions to gain luxuriously long eyelashes, the demand for false lashes is rising exponentially all over the world.

In today’s era, women equate thick and long eyelashes with personal power and feminine allure. What was once strictly reserved for special occasions have now become everyday fashion making fake eyelashes ubiquitous.

Big and dramatic eyelashes to the coquettish ones, women are unapologetic about wearing their own style. They are spending a lot of time on perfecting their eye makeup and making sure that their lashes stand out in the crowd. In a modern woman’s makeup arsenal, one would inevitably find wispy strips of false eyelashes made from authentic mink hair, which is the softest and lushest type of eyelash extensions in the market.

There are wearers of eyelash extensions who do not aim for any big drama, but for subtlety. Even though they hope to draw the attention of the onlookers to their beautiful and big eyes, they do not wish for them to notice their false eyelashes. Whilst there are others who revel in their falsies and do not think twice before applying two layers of false eyelashes on a single lid.

Regular wearers of eyelash extensions consider themselves camera-ready even they do not have much makeup on. This is because fake lashes have the power to change one’s face and appearance for the better. It even elongates one’s eyes to attract the attention of the onlookers and passersby. For those attempting a no makeup look, all they need are the long, luxurious eyelash extensions.

There are different types of eyelash extensions available in the market for satisfying the demands of women. Amongst all of them, original mink hair extensions are the most popular. They are extremely light, soft and reusable. If the extensions are used properly and maintained to the highest standard, they can last up to five to six uses.

Reality TV shows, celebrities and TV anchors have driven everyday women towards fake lashes. They are one of the most in-demand appearance enhancer in the market at present. Everyday fashion have substantially changed owing to the rampant use of lashes by women of all ages. Women feel blessed because false eyelashes have paved the way for them to look attractive effortlessly without having to use too much of harsh chemicals on their face.

My name is Amber Suffolk. The designer and beautician. I like my work and I also like to share my experience with others.

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